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Before anything else, let's hear about this talk idea!

During the initial rounds of the selection process, the talk title and description are the only information the selection committee receives. We'll remove any personally identifying information to try and be as unbiased as we can during this round, so make sure your talk title and description stands on its own!

Submitters are also encouraged and welcome to nominate a talk for someone they think would be fantastic on a topic. We'll ask you later if you're submitting for someone else or not, but don't worry, we'll reach out to that person and double check they're interested as well as work with them on the abstract you suggest.

We want to hear all about you too, of course, but we'll get to that next.
Talk Title *

Try and pick a title that would make you want to see this talk at a conference. Don't worry about making it perfect, if the talk is selected we'll work with you before posting anything to the public schedule.

Keep in mind, identifying information will be redacted. Example of what the committee will see in the first rounds:
Submission: "Rick Sanchez describes interdimensional cable and why he's amazing"
Committee sees: "[Speaker Name] describes interdimensional cable and why [they're] amazing."
Talk Description *

Give us a quick description of what you'll talk about (1 - 3 sentences is perfect). Like the title, we're happy to help polish after acceptance so don't worry too much about making it pixel perfect. That being said, remember that this description needs to really stand out, so show us you care!

Not to harp on this too much, but remember, we'll remove personally identifying info, so avoid too many personal details or this will end up as a string of [redacted].
Preferred Talk Length *

Pick the lengths you think would fit this topic. We'll try and accommodate as best we can, but be prepared for talks to fit into the session length available.

Lightning talks will be accepted up until the day of the conference (and voted on by the attendees), but early submissions are loved and given whatever preference we can.

Great! Are you planning on giving this talk? *

As we said at the beginning, proposing a speaker is encouraged, but the form is going to change a bit now depending on if you're the speaker or proposing someone else.
Speaker's Full Name *

Speaker's Company

Full Name *

Email *


Best Glamour Shot

You can also send us this later if you don't have one on hand, but this will be used on the conference schedule. If you don't give us one eventually, we'll use whatever we can find on the internet or, worst case, we'll hand draw one. You don't want that.
Speaker's T-Shirt Size *

There's a possibility of either a hoodie, t-shirt, or both, so hopefully, they're the same size. If not, we'll reach out after talk selection is over and figure out additional sizing.

Preferred T-Shirt Cut

Keep in mind, this is going to be size {{answer_vnxUMOyzLyoH}} relative to the selected cut.

Do you need travel accommodations?

Worried about the cost of getting to San Francisco? A travel stipend is available for speakers who won't be reimbursed for travel by their employer. Contact us directly if you have questions on this front.
If I present at Demuxed, I agree to allow my amazing talk to be recorded and streamed. *

The actual media release will be sent out to all accepted speakers, but the TL;DR is that you'll need to agree to allow us to film your talk and put it online.
The actual media release will be sent out to all accepted speakers, but the TL;DR is that you'll need to agree to allow us to film your talk and put it online.
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